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Modern Dental Care Requires Modern Equipment

Technologically Advanced Dentistry Is Here

At EternaDental, our ongoing mission is to provide exceptional dental care that will yield a long-lasting, healthful, beautiful, and youthful look and feel to your smile. Advanced dental technology makes all of this possible. Our dentist, Dr. Josh Pressman has always sought out the latest technology to be able to provide the best experience for our patients. Let us introduce you to the many benefits of advanced dental technology in Huntington Park, CA. Afterward, you won’t want to go to any other dental practice.

The Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology

  • Highly accurate diagnoses
  • Minimally invasive treatments
  • Ultra-precise and predictable results
  • Shorter treatment and recovery times
  • Reduced dental anxiety
  • More productive visits

Smile Simulation - Dr. Pressman talks about seeing the potential in your smile

Our Trusted Technology

Guided Dental Implant Technology
Technology from Blue Sky Bio enables Dr. Pressman to thoroughly plan and execute virtual procedures such as dental implant placement before performing the actual procedures. This helps the procedure go more quickly and smoothly and makes the results more predictable. He can also show you a digital mockup of your post-treatment smile before beginning the treatment process. During that phase, he uses custom-fabricated surgical guides—developed with the data he collects through imaging—which help him place dental implants at the exact location, angle, and depth required for lasting performance.
Cone Beam CT Scanner (CBCT)
The CBCT scanner provides a more detailed perspective of your dental health than a standard x-ray can, capturing 3D, 360-degree images of your teeth, jaws, soft tissues, and nerve pathways. This scanner also works with an extremely low dose of radiation compared to the conventional CT equipment still in use in many dental and medical facilities, making it safer for you. CBCT works in just seconds and is completely noninvasive. With the images captured through this technology, Dr. Pressman can plan for successful dental implant placement and other procedures. This imaging is offered through a convenient mobile service that comes right to your home or workplace.
Intraoral Scanner
Dental implants, orthodontic solutions, veneers, and crowns all require us to make dental impressions. Yet in most cases, the impressions we take aren’t like the ones you’ve had elsewhere. You no longer have to bite down on a mouthful of sticky, unpleasant putty. Using our handheld intraoral scanner, we can create digital impressions in under a minute without causing you any discomfort!
Intraoral Camera
Barely larger than an electric toothbrush, our intraoral camera gives Dr. Pressman a close-up, high-resolution view of the inside of your mouth in real time. This both allows him to quickly identify any obvious dental health problems as well as provides a visual reference for explaining his proposed treatment plan to you.
3D Printer
3D printers have facilitated faster work in many professions, including dentistry. Dr. Pressman uses our 3D printer to create a variety of essential appliances and restorations for your treatment, including dentures, provisionals (crowns and bridges), guides, models, and clear retainers. Having this technology in-house gives us greater quality control over the process and also speeds up the fabrication process. At practices that use outside fabrication services, it’s common to wait for weeks until the final products are sent back to the dentist.
Diode Laser
If sharp dental instruments cause you anxiety, then you have an ally in our laser technology. This state-of-the-art system empowers us to instantly eradicate bacteria and remove infected tissue connected with gum disease using a high-intensity beam of light. Don’t fear gum disease treatment here—fear what can happen if it goes untreated.

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