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Full and Partial Dentures - Huntington Park, CA

Missing Your Smile?

Bring Back Your Dental Function and Much More

If you’re tired of having gaps in your smile and are looking for a time-tested solution, dentures may be for you. These are removable replacements for missing teeth and the surrounding gums. Full dentures replace all your teeth, while partial dentures fill in unattractive spaces left by one or more missing teeth and prevent existing healthy teeth from moving out of alignment. A denture enables you to speak more clearly and chew foods comfortably, and also provides support for your facial muscles, helping create a more youthful facial appearance. Dr. Josh Pressman and the EternaDental team transform smiles every day with modern dentures in Huntington Park, CA.

Highly skilled in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Pressman not only restores the function of your teeth with dentures, but the aesthetics as well. He makes sure that your dentures match the shade and overall appearance of the teeth that are already in your mouth for a seamless smile. In fact, he creates customized dentures for you himself right here in our facility using our own 3D printer. This gives us complete control over the quality of the end result, which includes many benefits.

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The Benefits of Dentures

  • Reclaim a more healthy-looking smile
  • Experience a confidence boost
  • Enjoy greater dental function
  • Stabilize your natural teeth
  • Save money over other tooth replacement options
  • Get the form and function of new teeth without surgery
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A More Stable Type of Denture

As we mentioned above, traditional dentures are removable. However, there is a type of denture that’s permanent and won’t slip out of place, providing even greater peace of mind. Implant supported dentures and bridges reduce the possibility of slippage and offer added durability when you’re chewing or speaking. We place your dentures atop dental implants which are permanently anchored in your jawbone, offering greater stability. Implant supported dentures can also reduce your chances of experiencing bone or gum loss because they provide valuable stimulation to your jaws. In all, they give you a secure fit and a natural appearance.

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Custom Dentures, Custom Payment Solutions

We offer a number of ways to pay for both traditional and implants supported dentures. If you’re considering either but are concerned about the cost, don’t let that hold you back from the life you deserve. Request a consultation so we can discuss financing and other options that will enable you to have the healthy, attractive, functional smile you deserve.

Your restored smile and life await!

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