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Full Mouth Dental Implants - Huntington Park, CA

No More Hiding

Full arch solutions - Dr. Joshua Pressman talks about what are the options?

Restored Smiles for Restored Lives

If you have no healthy teeth remaining or no teeth at all, your quality of life may have disappeared with your smile. You can’t comfortably eat anything but soft foods. When you speak, your voice sounds slurred and others can see that you’re missing teeth. You don’t feel self-confident. At EternaDental, we can give you back everything you lost and help your confidence soar. You can eat, speak, and live again.

With more than a dozen years of experience in dentistry, intensive training with the California Implant Institute, course residencies in cosmetic dentistry and full mouth reconstructions, and expertise in both placement and restoration, Dr. Josh Pressman is your first choice for smile rehabilitations including full mouth dental implants in Huntington Park, CA. No more hiding. Reveal the healthy, confident you with custom full mouth tooth replacements.

Our Full Mouth Solutions

Dentures have stood the test of time and are a good economical option for many patients. They can slip out of place after a good amount of use, however, may irritate your gums, and can limit your enjoyment of food. Implant supported dentures stay reliably in place with dental implants and allow you to eat just about anything you want. But the longest-lasting, most natural-looking, and best overall option for tooth replacement today is full mouth dental implants, without question. See for yourself below!

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Removable Dentures

  • Removable
  • Last 5+ years
  • May require suction/adhesives
  • Allow bone recession
  • Limit food choices
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Implant Supported Dentures

  • Removable or fixed
  • Last 10+ years
  • Secured by 2+ implants
  • Limit bone recession
  • Expand food choices
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Full Mouth Dental Implants

  • Fixed for lasting security
  • Last decades
  • Secured by 4+ implants
  • Prevent bone recession
  • Allow unlimited food choices

Smile Restoration in Three Stages

Stage 1: Consultation and Smile Preview
Your initial consultation gives Dr. Pressman the chance to learn your smile goals and conduct a thorough examination of your mouth. We can also arrange for a mobile imaging service to give you a cone beam CT scan at your convenience. This will give us a complete 3D view of your teeth, jaws, soft tissues, and nerve pathways. We’ll use these images to design your placement procedure in advance with technology from Blue Sky Bio to ensure surgery goes precisely as planned.

Wish you could see your smile before committing to treatment? Our technology will also allow us to digitally mockup your post-surgical smile with your unique specifications. See what you’d look like with a complete smile again! We also use CT imaging to create custom surgical guides with our in-house 3D printer. These will assist us during implant placement, which we typically perform at your next visit.
Stage 2: Precise Guided Implant Placement
Before placement, we’ll welcome you to your room, make sure you’re calm and comfortable with sedation options, and do any preparatory procedures you might need. These might include tooth extractions to clear space for your implants and bone grafting to make your jaw strong enough to support implants following bone loss.

With those treatments out of the way, we’ll begin with the main implant placement process. We begin by putting your customized surgical guides over your gums. These have pre-positioned holes that indicate exactly where to insert the screw-like implants. Guides make inserting the implants at the precise location, angle, and depth virtually foolproof. To finish off the process, we’ll provide provisional or temporary restorations to allow you to eat and speak normally while your implant sites heal.
Stage 3: Final Restorations and a New Start
Over the course of three or more months following your placement visit, your implant sites will heal, permanently fusing with your jawbone. You’ll then come back to our office to get your final restorations—made of high-quality, durable, beautiful zirconia. Many practices don’t offer quality materials such as these and many require you to go to a separate provider as the last step of your smile reclamation process. We trust in the quality of our restorations so much, we even offer a warranty. When our work is finished, your fulfilling new life can begin!
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Assistance Paying for Your New Smile

EternaDental works with several leading third-party financing companies to help you afford the treatment you need. Most offer flexible payment plans that allow you to split your cost into manageable monthly amounts. Our staff can help you arrange financing with any of these companies. We don’t want anything to stand between you and the life-changing benefits of full mouth dental implants in Huntington Park, CA.

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