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New Teeth in One Day - Huntington Park, CA

A Completely New Smile in One Day

Why Wait Longer to Feel Good About Yourself?

Tooth loss limits your diet, speech, and even your self-confidence. But the thought of beginning a drawn-out process with multiple dental visits to replace a single missing tooth can stop many patients from calling their dentist. After decades of advancing dental implant technology and countless smile success stories, modern dentistry has significantly reduced treatment time. Dr. Josh Pressman and the EternaDental team can give you a single tooth, a bridge of teeth, or a full arch of new, beautiful, and functional teeth reliably supported by dental implants in just one day! You may come with a gap in your smile, but you’ll leave with dental implants that’ll preserve your health and restore your confidence for decades to come. We make dental implants affordable by offering competitive pricing, partnering with third-party financing companies, and by helping you get the maximum benefit from your dental insurance. Ready to experience teeth in a day in Huntington Park, CA?

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Teeth in a Day Options

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Single Missing Tooth

We can replace one missing tooth with the closest option to a natural tooth—a single dental implant. The implant post takes the place of your lost tooth root, preserving your jawbone and offering reliable, lasting function. We restore each implant with a custom dental crown that offers a seamless, natural-looking smile. No one can tell they’re not natural teeth!

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Multiple Missing Teeth

With traditional dental bridges, you have to trim some enamel from healthy adjacent teeth in order to secure your new bridge in your mouth. We leave those healthy teeth intact and use one or more dental implants to support your new bridge of teeth instead. If you’re missing two or more consecutive teeth, you’ll find this option ideal.  

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Full Arch of Missing Teeth

Dentures are just one way to restore your smile. We can replace a full arch of teeth or your entire set of teeth with full mouth dental implants. With a minimum of four strategically placed dental implants, we can restore 99% of your dental function and even more of your confidence!

Same-Day Results

We’re able to provide teeth in a day dental implants at our Huntington Park, CA office because our implant dentist has perfected an innovative protocol for same-day implant placement. Through our association with leading implant manufacturers, we offer “immediate load” dental implants. These are specifically designed to maximize stability and support crowns and bridges immediately upon surgical placement. Here’s how we do it:

Step One: Personalized Consultation
The first step is for you to visit our practice so that we can get to know you and your smile goals. Dr. Pressman will examine your teeth. He’ll also arrange for a mobile imaging service to perform advanced imaging with a 3D cone beam CT scanner, which will give him a comprehensive view of your current dental health, at your convenience. While you may be eligible for a teeth in a day solution, you may need preparatory treatments such as bone grafting during the same surgical visit to ensure the lasting success of your implant placement.
Step Two: Ultra-Precise Planning
Prior to your surgical visit, our team will use the imaging and digital impressions we’ve captured to plan for precise placement of your dental implant(s). To place each implant post at the exact location, depth, and angle, Dr. Pressman creates your new smile on a computer in advance of the surgical visit. He can see exactly how you’ll look after treatment—and so can you when you return to our office! Using our in-house 3D printer, we can create surgical guides that will make the surgical process quicker and smoother and produce predictable results.
Step Three: The Implant Placement Procedure
On the day of your surgical appointment, we’ll make you comfortable using sedation dentistry. We’ll then use your customized surgical guides to insert your dental implants into your jawbone. These have pre-positioned holes that make the process essentially foolproof. Once your implants are stable, we’ll immediately load your new tooth or bridge of teeth, so you can enjoy a full smile and full dental function—not to mention tremendous confidence—starting that very same day!
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Why Teeth in a Day Is for You

  • Long-lasting solution for life-changing results
  • Immediate resumption of full chewing and biting power
  • Highly precise and predictable dental implant placement
  • No special care required outside regular brushing and flossing
  • Strong, attractive provisionals (fabricated in-house) for the healing process

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