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Short-Term Orthodontics - Huntington Park, CA

Don’t Wait for a Great Smile

Barely there braces! Dr. Joshua Pressman talks about Invisalign and Six Month Smiles orthodontic options

See Straight Teeth in About Six Months

When you think of braces, do you get images of clunky metal brackets and wires, painful appliances, and a long, uncomfortable process? Are you worried about others seeing your crooked teeth at an upcoming special occasion such as a family gathering or class reunion? If you said “yes” to one or both of these, Dr. Josh Pressman and the EternaDental team have a better solution for you. Six Month Smiles® have neither the look nor the long treatment time of traditional braces. With these, we straighten smiles discreetly and quickly using clear braces in Huntington Park, CA.

Six Month Smiles® uses the latest technology in orthodontic dentistry to move your teeth in a quick, subtle, and safe manner, focusing on your smile zone teeth—those that are visible when you smile. The ones that count the most when you want to show off an aligned and alluring appearance. We fit those front teeth with clear braces and tooth-colored wires that perform the same function as standard braces—treatment which can take 18 or more months—without letting everyone see that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. They truly are amazing!

Why You Should Consider Six Month Smiles

  • Quicker treatment time than is possible with conventional braces
  • Discreet appearance during your treatment
  • Reliable, remarkable results
  • Cost-effective alternative to some straightening solutions
six months smiles before

Six Month Smiles Before

six months smiles before

Six Month Smiles After

Cosmetic Dentistry Meets Orthodontic Dentistry

Six Month Smiles can correct most orthodontic problems, including unsightly gaps between teeth, crooked, and crowded teeth, as well as some bite alignment problems that can cause discomfort and tooth wear. Six Month Smiles is also considered to be one of the most comfortable forms of orthodontic treatment because it uses gentle forces to move your teeth into the proper place. While they may take some getting used to, like most patients, you should feel little discomfort once you’ve adapted to them. And they’re relatively economical, too. Insurance and financing can help you pay for your realigned smile.

All About Six Month Smiles

Align your teeth faster with clear braces!

See the impressive results we can provide in just six months.