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Multiple Dental Issues Keeping You From Smiling?

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Getting back the dental aesthetics you want and function you need may only require having a cavity in a darkened tooth filled. While we hope your dental treatment can always be as uncomplicated as this, sometimes you may require complex and numerous procedures to get your smile where you want it to be. If the condition of your mouth is depriving you of your self-confidence and your enjoyment of life, we can help. Empowered by extensive experience and technology, Dr. Josh Pressman and the EternaDental team recreate happy, healthy smiles every day with full mouth reconstruction in Huntington Park, CA.

Function, Facial Aesthetics, Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr. Pressman will determine if you’re a candidate for full mouth reconstruction through a personalized consultation. This includes a thorough examination of your teeth and gums and a discussion of your smile goals. He can also show you a virtual smile preview before beginning any work! Full mouth reconstruction is a series of procedures customized for you by Dr. Pressman into a single treatment plan and done in phases (see some examples below).

Each treatment plan is customized to you, your unique preferences, and your oral health. Although health and function may be our primary goal, we also always consider your facial aesthetics, ensuring your lip line, gumline, skin tone, and overall look creates a seamless, attractive smile. If you’ll need assistance with paying for treatment, we offer some excellent financing options for you. Our team will be happy to discuss these on your visit.

Dr. Joshua Pressman discusses full mouth reconstruction and cosmetic options available to give you the perfect smile

Featured Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatments

Dental Implants
If you’re missing some or all of your teeth or the ones you have are decayed beyond repair, we can provide you with dental implants, today’s most natural-looking and longest-lasting tooth replacement option. Dr. Pressman both places and restores dental implants, offering tremendous convenience over the many practices that only do one or the other.
A cost-effective option for regaining the form and function of lost teeth, dentures have stood the test of time. Modern dentures fit more comfortably and look more like real teeth than those of yesteryear, however. Our team provides full or partial dentures to suit the condition of your smile.
Occlusal Adjustment
When your top and bottom arches of teeth are misaligned, you may experience persistent jaw pain, headaches, and speech difficulties. This misalignment may also cause your teeth to become worn-down and cracked. We can realign your smile by removing a small amount of enamel from the bite surface of select teeth to enable them to fit together.
Crown Lengthening
Do you feel like your smile shows too much gum tissue? This is what’s called a “gummy smile.” A gummy smile will rarely affect your dental health and function, but it can make you self-conscious. We can give you a more balanced smile by removing excess gum tissue and reshaping the remaining gum tissue.
Gum Disease Treatment
What often begins as gum redness and inflammation can grow into an incurable condition that threatens your systemic health. We’re equipped with a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive system to treat gum disease. Using laser technology, we can disinfect and remove diseased tissue and reseal the area without using a scalpel or sutures.
If the roots and pulp of a tooth are healthy, but the outer part of the tooth has become damaged or weakened, we can replace your natural crown with a durable artificial one that matches the shade of the surrounding healthy teeth.
If your front “smile zone” teeth have some small cosmetic flaws but are structurally strong, we can conceal those faults with porcelain veneers—thin yet tough coatings that we attach to the front surface of unattractive teeth.
Short-Term Orthodontics
Traditional braces work well but treatment may take longer than you’d like. Six Month Smiles®, moves your teeth quickly, reliably, and safely. What’s more, treatment is a discreet process than no one else is likely to notice until you’ve completed it.
Teeth Whitening
Are your teeth growing discolored or dull in appearance? Whether it’s all of your teeth or just a few of them, give them a new shine and sizzle with professional-grade teeth whitening. We can make your teeth several shades whiter without making them more sensitive.
Bone Grafting
Jawbone recession often follows tooth loss because your jaws rely on stimulation from tooth roots to stay healthy. We can rebuild the foundation of your smile and make you a candidate for dental implants through bone grafting. This involves placing bone material in the area of decay to grow strong, new, healthy bone.
full mouth reconstruction before and after

Full Mouth Reconstruction Before and After

Full Mouth Reconstruction Before and After

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